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Collaborative leadership is not something that can happen overnight and takes a great deal of leadership development to become effective. In the videos above, Nick Jankel outlines why collaborative leadership is so difficult to achieve and how even the biggest organisations in the world struggle with this leadership style.

Through collaborative leadership, we learn how to build dynamic and accountable cross-functional teams that deliver ambitious projects whilst avoiding conflict. We master our innate collaborative intelligence so we use different modes of collaboration to fit the situation and stage of the project.

We learn how to create the right conditions for collaboration so people contribute and share freely. We explore how to cultivate shared responsibility, mutual reciprocity and collective trust – the lubricants of all transformation and innovation. We learn how to encourage people to bring their whole selves to work – creativity as much as concerns – so outcomes are maximized.

We master biology-based tools that: ensure people feel seen and heard; encourage shared inquiry; inspire genuine dialogue, not a time-wasting discussion; and promote active listening that can challenge dangerous assumptions. We learn how to incentivize and motivate different types of people and different generations effectively. We explore how to design teams and organize structures that balance efficiency and control with creativity and collaboration; and how to build teams that include the key archetypes needed for delivery. We explore how to transform diversity from an issue of compliance to a key driver of innovation.

Collaborative leadership allows us to master how to transform conflict into creativity. We explore how to transcend major differences to reach ever-higher levels of alignment and individual growth. We learn how to elegantly clear away upsets before they block success and repair relationships after friction has taken its toll.

Through leadership development, we learn how to transform ineffective communication patterns so that diverse teams can always find ways to work together to get the job done and get the most out of the enlivening process of collaboration.

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