Spiritual Atheist

A quest to unite science and wisdom into a radical new life philosophy to thrive in the Digital Age

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“Eye-opening… a nuanced way to expand the views of even a hardened atheist.”
Kirkus Reviews

“A taboo-smashing book.”


What if I told you that you could be a rational and reasonable atheist and also harness love, purpose and consciousness to thrive in life, love and leadership?

Spiritual Atheist is a modern-day ‘bible’ for the ‘spiritual not religious’ that seeks to fully reconcile what our minds know with what our hearts sense about life, love, business and politics.

The author spent 30 years on a quest to work out how to rigorously reconciles cutting-edge science with timeless spiritual wisdom to ensure we can all thrive in the challenging Digital Age.

The books shows a way for everyone to find lasting inner peace and a life of purpose without betraying reason or falling into superstition.

If you trust science and relish reason but also sense that your life has meaning, your consciousness is real and that love is a force for good – all phenomena that conventional atheism and science deny – then this book will help you have it all without dogma or superstitions of any kind.

For Wisdom Seekers & Meditators

Deepen your understanding of the core teachings of the great spiritual traditions and how they can be grounded in the latest neurobiology to make everyday life work.
Reunite your spiritual intuitions with your love of provable modern science to forge a rigorous and grounded life philosophy that empowers you to thrive as an individual and in your relationships

For Free Thinkers & Atheists

Transcend natural cynicism to discover the life-changing and heart-expanding benefits of spiritual enlightenment – without Woo Woo superstitions of any kind.
Be forever free of the loss, loneliness, fear and meaninglessness inherent in modern life – and always be able to return to a sense of connection and purpose in the micro-moments that matter.

For Leaders & Innovators

Recalibrate capitalism away from power and profit by returning human consciousness to the core of rational management and technological innovation.
Discover an achievable social and political vision of human thriving that is only possible when we bring reason and mysticism together to step up as conscious leaders able to transform the systems we touch.

“A glam spiritual activist.”

The Sunday Times

“Nick Jankel uses his unique voice and powerful insights to inspire wonder.”

Former Head Of White House Office of Social Innovation & Special Advisor to President Obama

“Nick Jankel is a wisdom teacher for this time.”

New Consciousness Review

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About the author: Nick Seneca Jankel

Nick Jankel is an award-winning thought leader, author, international keynote speaker, leadership advisor and wisdom teacher.

Nick develops original ideas and powerful tools to ensure pioneering organizations, leaders and people across the planet metabolize change and challenge into breakthroughs so they thrive.
Nick was unable to find lasting happiness with pills, therapy, partying, wealth, success, or digital entrepreneurship. So he turned inside to find the answers. The journey to join the dots between inner wisdom and evidence-based science is recounted in Spiritual Atheist.
Nick has advised No.10 Downing Street, Microsoft and Oxfam and has taught at London Business School, SciencesPo, Oxford University and Yale University. He hosted a BBC TV show as a presenter and transformational coach.
Nick received a Triple First from Cambridge University in Medicine and the History and Philosophy of Science.

“A majestic masterwork bringing together rational and mystical philosophies in an accessible way that can transform everyone’s life.”

Alison McAulay, Publisher, Switch On Books

more benefits of the book

Understand how to embrace the joys of spiritual enlightenment without betraying reason and science and avoid the many traps of "New Age" spirituality
Dissolve the painful schism of modernity within by reuniting what your mind knows to be provable (science) with what your heart know to be true (wisdom)
Anchor your life in deep meaning and purpose without God or religious ideology of any kind - and understand how to make important moral decisions blending evidence and a refined intuition
Learn how to travel the world harnessing 'alien' cultures and their indigenous philosophies to transform your heart and mind
Explore how to heal yourself from any mental suffering – depression, anxiety, addictions, trauma - and find lasting love by finding your path to spiritual 'fullness'
Harness long-suppressed activities like shamanic practices, ecstatic experience and dancefloor raving to support you to heal and flourish 
Thrive as a leader who balances in creative harmony the brilliance of data, science and AI with the unique human genius of creativity, intuition and collaboration
Become a purpose-driven technologist who can make new technologies work for everyone not just the wealthy elites by balancing efficiency and productivity with empathy and compassion


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