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Testimonials for Nick Jankel: Leadership Keynote Speaker

“Challenging and thought-provoking, and great to see the emphasis on real transformation.”


“Inspirational and enlightening!”

SVP, Microsoft

“Nick makes you think about the important things with head up not head down!”

CEO, Arcelor Mittal

“Nick inspired us to continue to work on ourselves and lead the way. The value of the leadership tool was spot on! Thank you! “


“Lots of food for thought. The synthesis of biomedical research with business case studies was compelling and called to mind the most inspirational classes from my time at Stanford Graduate School of Business.”

General Counsel, LGC

“I really enjoyed his keynote. Lots of insights to share with my leadership team. Thank you!”

CEO, Unilever Health & Wellbeing Collective

“Absolutely remarkable speech. It was truly the most mindblowing one I’ve attended in quite some time.”

Marketing Manager, Global Tech Conference

“Inspiring, entertaining, and a wake-up call for every leader to become truly transformational today: for a better tomorrow!”

VP, Nike

“A fantastic speaker with passion and enthusiasm, highly engaging and able to simplify complexity.”

Commander, Defence Department

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About Nick Jankel: Transformation & Leadership Keynote Speaker


Nick Jankel is a groundbreaking theorist and master practitioner of transformational leadership, breakthrough innovation, and human transformation.

A Cambridge-educated medic and philosopher of science—and self-made serial entrepreneur with five purpose-led enterprises founded—Nick has advised 100,000 leaders in organizations as diverse as Nike, Novartis, and No.10 (UK Prime Minister’s Office) and has led 100+ breakthrough innovation projects for firms like Microsoft, Unilever, and Diageo (including catalyzing the most successful TV show of all time). Nick has contributed to billions of dollars of inclusive growth through outsized value creation (rather than relying on cost-cutting, efficiencies, or acquisitions).

Based between California and London, Nick is a highly experienced professional keynote speaker and virtuoso facilitator at the top of his game. He speaks about how leadership, transformation, and innovation can—and must—be leveraged to shape a successful future of business and society in an increasingly complex world. In his role as a leadership futurist, he envisions not just what the future might hold but what leaders must do to shape the future they want. As well as dazzling 45-minute keynotes, he has innovated more experiential, interactive, and outcome-focused formats to improve the ROI on event investments.

From 30 years of research, training, and practice, Nick has cracked the code of transformation, co-developing his own original theory (Bio-Transformation®) and robust method (Self-to-System™) for driving individual and organizational change as fast as humanly possible. Nick has thinking and tools—smart, yet simplified and sticky—that can reliably transform outdated and change-resistant behaviors and mindsets that thwart the best leadership intentions, undermine company cultures, and block change, innovation, and business transformation.

Nick has dedicated his life to building transformational leaders and the breakthrough innovations, teams, and cultures they need to succeed in the disrupted world. He is uniquely able to switch modes from solving major strategic challenges to resolving the empathy, safety, and creativity issues that are often the root causes of innovation, teamwork, and strategy dysfunctions. Nick helps audiences understand how to transform how they feel, think, act, interact, adapt, innovate, strategize, communicate, and collaborate to win in our world.

Nick has advised 3x national governments, written 6x books, and lectured at Yale, UC Berkeley, and Oxford. He has appeared in The Times and The Economist, spoken at Talks@Google and Aspen Ideas Festival, and has been a master coach on two hit global TV shows.

Nick is the innovator and leader of some of the world’s foremost leadership and innovation programs.

Nick’s Keynote Speaking Showreel

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Testimonials for Nick Jankel: Transformation Keynote Speaker

“Nick’s presentation was inspirational, eye-opener and also a “wake-up call” and helped me put many things that I am currently feeling and thinking about into perspective. These are unusual times and thus the urgent need to find a better way forward!”

Senior Economist, Pfizer

“Without doubt, the highlight of the two-day conference. Thought-provoking; insightful; enjoyable.”

SVP, Schroders

“Very inspiring and clear, full of content and not just a formula.”

SVP, Global Medical Affairs, AbbVie

“Nick transformed our event with an engaging and evocative talk that hit all the nails that we put out there. It set a perfect scene for the remainder!”

CMO, Syngenta

“Wonderful! The talk was motivating, thoughtful, and so well-delivered. Many colleagues said they felt seen for the first time.”

Director, McCormick & Co

“I saw the room go from a bit tired to very inspired. Totally engaging and fully immersive. You wouldn’t want to miss a second of it. It was powerfully supercharged right from the start, felt across the auditorium.”

VP Digital, Alfa Laval

“Exactly what we wanted. Our CEO has been quoting Nick’s thinking to our leaders.”

HR Director, Oxford University

“Nick goes deeper and clearly made an impact on me and others. Looking forward to seeing the seeds grow in me and my organization!”

EVP, Merck

“An inspiring and eye- opening keynote. So helpful to regain trust that even in an unpredictable and rapidly- changing world, we all can succeed by changing ourselves, challenging our assumptions, reflecting, adapting, learning from mistakes, making creative responses, and acting fast.”

CEO, Spar

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What Make’s Nick’s Keynotes SO different

Enjoy A Fully Customized Keynote

Crafted talks—never repeated—to fit and propel your specific event, audience, culture, region, and industry.

Hyper-Engaging & Memorable Moments

Emotionally-captivating and immersive experiences leveraging evocative stories, exquisite stagecraft, powerful presence, interactivity, humor, and high energy.

Truly Transformative Speaking

Drawing in and galvanizing audiences—of even the most senior figures—to engage, reflect, rethink, and contribute.

Engage With Evidence-Based Ideas

Science-led thought leadership to engage skeptics in topics like creativity, trust, innovation, and purpose.

Actionable Tips That Solve Real Pain Points

Practical techniques to simplify complexity, take the pain out of change, inspire collaboration, and blast through the barriers that block innovation.

Total Commitment To Excellence

Nick does everything in his power to deliver on the brief, putting his career and reputation on the line every time.

Guaranteed Wow Factor

Authentic and alive performances that blow away even the most jaded audiences and tired attendees.

Unleash Sticky Memes That Spread

Sticky, transmissible, and viral-ready memes that generate excited chat, shift mindsets, and drive change long after.


Offer Takeaway Transformation Tools

Printable transformation tools that can help your audience to turn inspiration into concrete action.

Attitude of Service To You

Added-value contributions—before, during, and after the event—to maximize your ROI (impact & commercial value).

Proven Process & World-Class Facilitation Skills

Deep design and facilitation skills optimized over 27+ years at the highest levels of industry and government.

Consummate Professional To Reduce Stress

Extraordinarily meticulous delivery process learning from 1000s of keynotes and 100s of workshops—from FAQs pack with intro bios and sample Q&A questions to a guaranteed on-time finish—to minimize production stress.

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